Thursday, June 30, 2011

Train from Da Nang to Hue

I know you would think that we would NOT ride the Vietnamese trains after the last experience. But we decided to take the train from Da Nang to Hue; this journey is only three hours and goes along the Vietnamese coast, and really has spectacular scenery.

We arrived at the station early; I wanted to take a few photos of the train. The doors opened to the platform for a North to South train and I went out and started to photograph, always vigilant for guards saying No Photos. I walked to the end of the yard and back.

Yes, it is a government run train, there were many people standing around supervising. 
When I returned to the doors that I had come out of, they were locked and there was no one around! Hummm, I know the door will open when our train is called but I would like to go back inside and sit down. I was looking around and a vendor pointed to a door down the tracks a little, it was a small shop and inside there was a door into the waiting room.

We boarded the train about noon; watching vendors up and down the station sell everything from treats for the ride to gifts for relatives.

The seats were the same, way too small but I knew it was only a short journey. The scenery was spectacular. The photos were taken through rather dirty windows. The coast was beautiful, we were traveling along a single track that was at times perched on the edge of the hills.

The train descended and we rode past several bays where fish were being raised.

This train journey was ok, but we still decided to fly to Hanoi.

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