Saturday, March 26, 2011


In a recent post on worms I discussed hygiene conditions in street kitchens, not to beat a dead horse to death but I will show a little of how ice is handled on the street. The ice that is in iced coffee, in tea, on your vegetables and that cools your fruit and meat.
Ice comes in long blocks about a meter long 20 cm by 15 cm, unfortunately I don't know how much that weighs. You can see that a load of 26 blocks looks quite heavy.

When it is delivered there are no special precautions taken it make sure it stays clearn.
The lady in the photo below has sawed 1/3 of the way through the block with the saw that she is using as a hammer. She taps on the rusty ax with the saw (hammer) and the blocks pops into two pieces. She is well practiced at this.
Depending upon what the ice will be used for she may saw a small slit in it to allow her to tie it up with a handle
So it can be carried home
If the ice is destine for the crusher, it is only cut in the length that the customer needs. It is then fed into the old rusty crusher which spits it out into an ice sack that has been used many times for holding crushed ice. This is where the ice in your coffee or tea comes from.
Iced tea or coffee anyone?

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